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CCYB/S Babe Ruth Programs
When players reach the age of 13 (as of April 30) they are no longer eligible for play on the little league diamond (60 ft base paths). Player safety as well as development dictates the timing of this transition. It is a significant transition and quite entertaining to watch players reactions when they step on to the big diamond (90 ft base paths) to play for the first time. Suddenly a throw across the diamond is 127 ft (not 84), a solid line drive to right field that drops is probably an out as it is now a 90 ft run and a 30 ft shorter throw for the fielder.
Equipment will change as well. Our program like High School and most Middle School programs require a bat not exceed drop 3 (length of bat in inches minus weight in ounces) and a maximum barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches. There is currently an exception for 13 year old players who are unrestricted. This being said the purchase of a “big barrel” bat (3” diameter drop greater than 3) would be a 1 season indulgence. Little league bats while lighter tend to be unsuitable a 2 ¼ barrel size make it difficult to drive a ball out of the infield. Metal cleats are permitted as in school baseball.
CCYB participates in the Minuteman Babe Ruth League (www.mmbrl.com) in the spring and summer, and the Patriot Babe Ruth League in the fall.  Both leagues comprise of teams from surrounding towns.
  • The Minuteman Division is a league of 13 to 16 year olds.  Games are on Saturday and Sunday, with typically two games each weekend of various times, one game on each day. The league plays 3 rounds of 4, 4 and 6 games. After the 1st and 2nd rounds, teams are grouped by record into brackets with an attempt at creating competitive parity. Separate playoffs are held for each bracket at the end of round 3.
  • Minuteman Recreational baseball is a 13 – 16 year old league that plays 2 games per week beginning the last week of June with playoffs beginning the first week of August. 16 year old players are not allowed to pitch.
Fall (Season begins in September after Labor Day):
  • Patriot League is a recreational league for 13 – 15 year old players. Games Saturday or Sunday morning. Teams tend to be large to allow for schedule conflicts.  Age follows the new school yeawr and is based on the 2021 baseball season
For more information please contact CCYB/S Babe Ruth Director, Steven Soares:  steve.soares@ccybs.org